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Google Scholar

Improve your research by making use of all of Google Scholar's features and abilities.

Expand Your Results

All of these features will help you find more useful results once you've found a particularly useful article or book.

Cited By

Look for the Cited By link below an individual search result.

How to find the Cited By feature

Clicking it will bring up any other articles in Google Scholar that included this source in their notes or bibliography. If both you and another author both think a source is important enough to cite, there is a good chance you are writing on similar topics and their article could also be useful for you.

Related Articles

Look for the Related Articles link below an individual search result.

Finding the related articles link

Clicking this will bring up a list of results Google Scholar thinks share important concepts with the original article. 


Clicking on an author's name will bring up any other sources in Google Scholar written by them. Since many authors write repeatedly on the same topic, a list of their work might bring up other sources you would find useful.