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Google Scholar

Improve your research by making use of all of Google Scholar's features and abilities.

Advanced Search Box

Click the triangle at the end of the search box to open the Advanced Search Menu.

Opening the advanced search menu

From here, you can tell Google Scholar to search for your terms just in the title, search for results by a particular author or in a particular journal, and specify what years your results can be from.

Sorting Results

left side toolbar for sorting and filtering resultsUse the tool bar on the left side of the results page to filter and sort your  results to find what you need.

Google Scholar will be automatically set to search scholarly articles and books.

To search the text of court cases, click "Case Law."

To search within your own saved Google Scholar articles (see Other Features), click "My  Library"

Use the various date options to limit how recent the results in your search are.

Results will automatically be set by relevance, which means articles that Google Scholar thinks are the most related to your search terms will go first. Switch to "Sort by Date" to get the most recent results first.

If you are doing ongoing research and want updates to when Google Scholar finds a new result, use the "Create Alert" option (see Other Features).

Search Tools

Put groups of words in quotes to search in exactly that order; "Justice League"

Put a negative sign before a word you do not want included in a search result; Phoenix -Arizona

Put an all-caps OR between words where you want results with either word; superheroes race OR gender