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Google Scholar

Improve your research by making use of all of Google Scholar's features and abilities.

We Paid For That

Since most academic journal articles are behind paywalls (not free to access), much of what Google Scholar searches requires payment if you want to actually see the full article or book. However, the library has paid for access to a lot of these journal articles through subscriptions and in our databases. Use the instructions to the right to set up Google Scholar so it will identify what we've already paid for and how to access it.

Connect Google Scholar to Library Resources

On the homepage for Google Scholar, go to Settings up at the top.

Settings on the Google Scholar homepage

In the Settings page, click Library Links in the left column.

There will be a search box on the Library Links page. Search for "Heidelberg University Beeghly Library." Below the search box a check box with the words "Heidelberg University Beeghly Library -- Find it @ Heidelberg" will appear. Check the box.

Don't forget to click "Save" above the search bar!

After you've done this, whenever you search Google Scholar on that computer, look for a link that says "Find it @ Heidelberg" to check the library's collection.

Example of the Find it @ Heidelberg link