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Lichtman-Behm Genocide Lecture Series: 2014

Articles about the Rwandan Genocide

"Portraits of Reconcilliation" (Photos by Pieter Hugo, Text by Susan Dominus. The New York Times. 6 April 2014)

"Following Orders in Rwanda" (JEAN-MARIE KAMATALI. The New York Times. 4 April 2014)

United Human Rights Council report on Rwandan Genocide

"Rwanda: How the Genocide Happened" (BBC News Africa, 17 May 2011)

"Rwanda Genocide: 100 Days of Slaughter" (BBC News Africa, 6 April 2014)



"How do societies ravaged by genocide begin to heal? Can a person be forced to reconcile with those who killed her or his loved ones? In the 53-minute documentary film Coexist, Rwanda’s unprecedented social experiment in government-mandated reconciliation is revealed for the first time through the eyes of a diverse range of survivors: victims, perpetrators, and those who bore witness to the 1994 genocide. What they share is breathtaking, heartbreaking, and inspired. Viewers are gripped and left brimming with questions."

--from the Coexist website

Coexist is a documentary video available on DVD, from Amazon Instant video, and from GooglePlay. More information is available here.

Videos about the Rwandan Genocide

"Confronting Evil: Genocide in Rwanda" is from Human Rights Watch

"Left to Tell: Immaculee Ilibigaiza" is from CBS Sunday Morning.