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Library Policies for Remote Classes and University Covid-19 Procedures

Quick guide for students in regards to the policies and resources of the library for Fall 2020

Resources for self-care and wellness

Self-care and wellness is very important in times like this. While you're socially distancing, take a moment to practice some deep breathing techniques or start a work-out routine ot help boost your mood and keep yourself healthy!

Heidelberg Resources for Health & Wellness

The L.D. Stoner Health and Counseling Center

The Center will continue to offer mental health services through a remote format.  Students seeking help will be able to connect with one of Heidelberg’s three licensed counselors via Google Hangouts Meet.  The platform offers the secure connection required to be HIPAA compliant and also offers ease of use for students.  These services are currently available to all Heidelberg students. 

Additionally, the Center will provide medical services via telehealth, as appropriate.  Please call 419-448-2041 to schedule an appointment with a Certified Nurse Practitioner.

The Center also will provide weekly social media posts to assist in connecting students with effective strategies to manage their own health and well-being.  Please follow the Stoner Health and Counseling Center on Facebook - Stoner Health & Counseling Center, Twitter - @HealthAtBerg, and Instagram - HealthAtBerg.  

Saurwein Health and Wellness Center

Saurwein will use social media pages to create virtual workouts, tips, and challenges.  Please follow on Instagram and SHWCBERG on Twitter for up-to-date information.

Resources through Canvas
Students can also utilize Canvas to receive resources that will connect them to effective wellness strategies by searching Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Wellness.  Here is the link to get connected:

(Information as received via Saurwein and Stoner Health Center)