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Political Science & International Studies

Resources on politics and international affairs, including finding scholarly resources, background, government sources, statistics, and news.

Government Information Sites & Databases

Web Searching

In any major web search engine, you can search a specific website or type of website using site searching. Type site:[website] then your search words into the search engine.. 

Ex: To search the EPA's website for information on climate change, use " climate change".

You could also search through all US government websites by using and then your search. Ex. " national security"

Google Web Search

In the Library

Beeghly Library collects a number of print government documents on the upper floor, as well as links to online documents, all of which can be identified using the catalog. 

Image of Limit your search menu with Government Publication drop-down list highlighted.You can limit your search to only government information in the catalog:

  • Click "Limit your search (optional)" underneath the search bars to open up a menu of expanded filters.
  • Scroll down to the Government Publication filter. 
  • Select to search for all government publications or limited to international, national, state, and local government publications. The majority of Heidelberg's collection is national. 

Government documents use a different call number system than the rest of the library and are organized by the department that published them. University of Buffalo Libraries have a list all of the departments and their letter codes.

Legal Information