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Government Documents

Finding government information in Beeghly Library and on the web.



The government is an incredible source of quality information, if you know how to find it. The government commissions reports and original research on every topic imaginable, and the federal government is one of the largest publishers of statistics and data sets. However, the government is immense and that information split up among a swath of departments, agencies, and committees. This guide exists to help you more effectively search for government-provided information. 


  • Catalog Searching: How to search for physical government documents and permanent links to online government publications provided by Beeghly Library through the Federal Depository Library Program.
  • Web Searching: Government-specific search engines and how to easily find government information on general web search engines such as Google.
  • Executive Branch: Important publications from the President and the Executive Agencies.
  • Legislative Branch: Important publications from the Congress of the United States. 
  • Judicial Branch: Important publications from the Supreme Court and the other courts of the federal judiciary. 
  • StatisticsLinks to major federal government sources of statistics. 
  • Ohio: Government information from the state government of Ohio. 

Federal Depository Library Program

Logo of the Federal Depository Library ProgramThis library is a congressionally designated depository for U.S. Government documents. Public access to the government documents collection is guaranteed by public law. (Title 44 United States Code)