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Government Documents

Finding government information in Beeghly Library and on the web.


Logo of the Federal Depository Library ProgramBeeghly Library, as part of the Federal Depository Library Program, works to ensure public access to information put out by the federal government. The library's collection is a mix of physical materials held in the library, which is currently being phased out, and permanent links to online government documents. 

All of the online government documents will have a location listed as Online Government Publication. To access these documents, you need to click the title in the results page to open the full record. The link to the document will then be located above the call number. 

Image of important parts of a government documents record: the location listed as ONLINE GOVERNMENT PUBLICATION and the URL which begins with "Connect to"

All of our government documents held physically in the library are located on the upper floor. Most are print documents, though we do have some microform and CD-ROM collections. They use a different call number system than the rest of the library. ASU's library has a good overview of it. Our physical materials must be used in the library. 

Searching the Catalog

All of Beeghly Library's FDLP collection can be searched through the Beeghly Library Catalog. Note: these materials will not appear in an OhioLINK search. 

Government document results will be automatically included in a regular keyword search of the library's collection. However, you can limit your search to just government documents. When you begin a new keyword search, below the search box is line that says "Limit your search (optional)," which when clicked gives you a number of usable filters. 

Image of Beeghly Library Catalog search page with "Limit your search" emphasized.

Towards the bottom of the expanded section is a dropdown menu labeled "Government Publications," which allows you to limit your search to government documents. You can select between All, International, Federal, State, and Local publications. The vast majority of government documents held at Beeghly Library are federal. 

Expanded search limiters, which Government Publication emphasized