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EDU 502: Education Research

Find a Book

The Beeghly and OhioLINK catalogs contain information about the print books available to you. The Beeghly Catalog will also contain links to our ebooks. Get more out of the library catalogs with the catalog how-to.

While the catalog will have links to books in our ebook databases, the advantage of going directly to those databases is the ability to search the entire book, rather than what is in the catalog record (usually title, author, subjects, sometimes a summary and table of contents).

Browsing the Library

All libraries organize their books by subject. So, if when searching the catalog you find a useful book, make sure to look at the shelves around it. Chances are, you'll find a book on the same topic.

You can also look at related books in the online catalog by checking the "Suggested Terms" tab or clicking the call number

Interlibrary Loan (Books)

If you cannot locate a book, use the Interlibrary Loan Forms.  A librarian will locate a library that owns the material and will send for what you need.

Use this form to send for books, media, government documents, dissertations, etc., that are not available through OhioLINK and SearchOhio.

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