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Women's & Gender Studies

Resources for Women's and Gender Studies courses as well as for researching those topics in other classes


This guide will provide an overview for how to research Women's and Gender Studies topics using the library. It covers finding background reference sources, searching for print and ebooks, finding scholarly articles, and has a collection of free web resources. If you have any questions about where and how to search, please visit us in the library or use one of the Research Assistance boxes located on each page. 

Simple Search Tools

Use these to improve your database and catalog searching.


  • Searches for results with all words
  • smoking AND cancer


  • Searches for results with either search word
  • If combined with AND, words connected by OR need to be in parenthesis
  • Great for synonyms and related concepts: (smoking OR tobacco) AND cancer


  • Combines multiple words into one search term
  • Great for names: "Martin Luther King" 

Research Methods