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Primary Sources

How to find print and digital primary sources in the library and on the web.


PRIMARY SOURCES include works that are first-hand accounts by someone present at the time of or involved in an event.  These often are published in autobiographies, personal journals, diaries, and correspondence.  Primary sources also include the texts of original documents, photographs, films, and newspaper accounts of the event at the time it took place. 

Always check with your instructor about what she or he considers an acceptable primary source.

Use the tabs to learn more about locating primary sources in Beeghly Library. If you have questions, visit us in Beeghly Library or us the Research Assistance boxes located in each tab.

Primary Sources

Lewis & Clark

Letter from President Jefferson to Meriwether Lewis

American Revolution

Surrender of General Cornwallis at Yorktown

Civil War

29th Regiment of Connecticut

Women's Suffrage

Parade for suffrage, 1913, Washington DC