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Faculty Development


Google Sites

Making Videos

Make your own Screencast:  Record your presentation or instructions so students can review independently.  You can easily create your own videos which have a link generated that you can add to your Moodle Site.

How to Use QR Codes

Today many of us depend on our phones to find websites.  Typing in a web address in the phone or iPad is challenging.  More people are using a QR code to take the viewer directly to a site.  

  1.    First you need to open OR  

  2.    Copy link address into the space provided.  

  3.    Use your phone to scan the code and make sure it takes you to the correct website - AND that your website privacy settings are correct.  

  4.    Copy the QR code and add this code to your business card, PowerPoint, Handout.  

  5.    Add a caption that tells the viewer, "Scan this code to find ____."

  6. Now students can use their phones in class to take a survey or view a graphic.