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Chicago/Turabian Citation

How to cite sources using Chicago or Turabian styles

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Citing Web Sources

Both Chicago and Turabian do not always require formal citations for certain web content, and a mention, with access date, of where the content was found may be enough. Web periodicals such as scholarly journals or news articles should always be formally cited and can done using the rules in the Citing an Article section.

Ask your instructor how web content should be cited.

Basic Website


Author First M. Last Name [if available], "Page Title," last modified date (if known), accessed date, URL.

Short version:
Last Name, "Page Title."


Author Last Name, First M. [if available]. "Page Title." Last modified date (if known). Accessed date. URL.

Example Website


American Historical Association, "Why Study History?," accessed January 22, 2014,

Short version:
American Historical Association, "Why Study History?".


American Historical Association. "Why Study History?." Accessed January 22, 2014.

Blog Post


Roopika Risam, "Job Search 2.0: Breaking the Silence," Roopika Risam Blog, November 5, 2012, accessed January 22, 2014,

Short version:
Risam, "Job Search 2.0."


Risam, Roopika. "Job Search 2.0: Breaking the Silence." Roopika Risam Blog. November 5, 2012. Accessed January 22, 2014.