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HIS 311: Greco-Roman World

Welcome to the HIS 311 Research Guide! This is your go-to place to find primary and secondary resources on the Greco-Roman World. 

Find Primary Sources

Find Secondary Sources



Find Tertiary Sources

Use the CRAAP Test

As you begin collecting sources, remember to evaluate them! Use the criteria below to help you make sure you have found the right resources, and remember to follow your assignment prompt!


  • When was the information published or posted? 
  • Is the information current or has it been updated? 
  • Does your topic require current information, or will older sources work? 
  • Are the links working? Does the page load completely? 


  • Is the source relevant to your topic? Does it answer your question? 
  • Is the information at an appropriate level? 
  • Are you comfortable citing the source? 


  • Who is the author/publisher/source?
  • What are the author's qualifications on the subject he/she is writing about? 
  • Is there contact information for the author, or an "About Us" page if a website? 
  • If a website, is it affiliated with a credible organization? What does the URL reveal about the source?
    (.com, .edu, .gov, .org, .net)


  • Can I verify any of the information from another source or my own knowledge?
  • ‚ÄčIs the information supported by evidence? Are there references? 
  • Does the language look unbiased or without emotion? 
  • Are there any spelling or grammatical errors? 


  • Is the author's intent clearly stated?
  • Is the information fact, opinion, or propaganda?
  • Is the point of view objective, or is there a bias? 


(Modified from "Applying the CRAAP Test" from Meriam Library at California State University, Chico)