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GSB587 - Leading Innovation and Change: Scholarly Journals

A guide for course GSB587 - Leading Innovation and Change

Useful Journals


General Business Databases

Communication Databases

Citation Index

This database will show connections between articles that cite each other, helping you to discover research on the same topic.

Ethics & Philosophy

Journal Finder

Database Searching Tips

Are you able to search

  • For only Scholarly/Peer-Reviewed Sources?
  • By year of publication?
  • By subject?
  • For cited sources?
  • Subject-specific features?

Use advanced search strategies

  • Use Boolean Logic - "AND" to combine terms, "OR" to compile a list of synonyms or similar concepts, "NOT" to eliminate a term
  • Search for word variations by using the asterisk* to truncate the root word, ex. librar* searches for libraries, library, librarian 
  • Notice Subject Terms assigned to describe an article and use them in your search

Once you find your articles

  • Can you save them to a folder to review, email, or print later?
  • Can you select a bibliographic style manual for the citations?
  • Are there links to works cited?
  • Is there an indication if this article has been cited?
  • Is there full-text attached?
  • Can you link to full-text in another source?

Most databases will have a Help section explaining its features

Interlibrary Loan (Articles)

If you cannot locate a journal article, use the Interlibrary Loan Forms.  A librarian will locate a library that owns the material and will send for what you need.

Before placing a request, check the Citation Finder to make sure Beeghly does not have a copy.

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