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AMA Citation

Basic Web Source

Author Last Name FM[if available]. Page title. Site TitleURL. Publication/last modification date (if known). Date of access. 

Web Source

Mayo Clinic Staff. Nutrition basics. Mayo Clinic. Published April 5, 2014. Accessed May 10, 2016. 

Web Source with No Author

About cholesterol. American Heart Association. Published March 28, 2016. Accessed May 10, 2016. 

Blog Post or Article on Web

Christman T. Thinking outside the career box. NATA Now Blog. Published April 19, 2016Accessed May 10, 2016.     

Video on Web

Barton G, Sheltens, E. Our sterile homes might be giving us seasonal allergies [video]. Vox. sterile-homes-seasonal-allergies. Published April 7, 2016Accessed May 10, 2016.