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APA Citation

How to cite sources in APA style

Basic Book Reference List Citations

Whole Book

Author's Last Name, Author's First Initial. (Year). Title of book. Location: Publisher.

Book Chapter or Part

Author's Last Name, Author's First Initial. (Year). Article or chapter title. In editor's First Initial Last name (Ed.), Title of book (Page range). Location: Publisher.

Examples for Whole Books

Mutz, D. C. (2015). In-your-face politics: The consequence of uncivil media. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press.

Biddle, S. J. H., Nanette, M., & Gorely, T. (2015). The psychology of physical activity: Determinants, well-being, and interventionsNew York: Routledge.

Example for Book Chapers

Dzewaltowski, D. A.. (2014). Promotion of physical activity in communities: Public health psychology of physical activity. In J. L. Van Raatle & B. W. Brewer (Eds.), Exploring sport and exercise psychology (3rd ed.) (pp. 191-207). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association. 

Fink, A., & Benedek, M. (2013). The creative brain: Brain correlates underlying the generation of original ideas. In O. Vartanian,  A. S. Bristol, & J. C. Kaufman, Neuroscience of creativity (pp. 207-231). Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press. 

Examples for eBooks

For ebook URLs, use "retrieved from" when the source is freely available online and "available from" for sources that require purchased access. 

Wallace, S. (Ed.). (2015). A dictionary of education (2nd ed.) [Oxford Digital Reference version]. Available from

Pressley, L. (2009). So you want to be a librarian [ version] Retrieved from